Robyn Collier - Burragorang 'The Lost Valley'

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Burragorang 'The Lost Valley' has been a book which has taken the past four years to bring to fruition.

It features a collection of 43 full colour images of paintings done of the Burragorang Valley – a picturesque valley 60 kilometres from Sydney. This valley was rich in aboriginal history prior to white settlement but in later years supported farming communities, churches, schools and holiday accommodation. It was a very popular holiday destination for Sydneysiders of the day – being so close to the city. In the 1950s the NSW State government decided that a growing Sydney needed a more reliable water supply and plans were set in place to flood this beautiful and thriving valley. The residents were told to leave, houses demolished and the land stripped of vegetation. In 1958 the Burragorang Valley became Lake Burragorang and with the rising waters, priceless aboriginal history was forever lost and the inhabitants dispossessed and forced to move away. Robyn has, over the past 40 years had arguably more access to this restricted area than most other people apart from employees. The story of her 40-year relationship with this valley is told at the front of the book, the Foreword written by environmental activist and former Greens Leader Bob Brown with an Introduction by historian Jim Smith.  There are another 27 colour plates towards the back of the book of Robyn’s other paintings.


168 page hard cover book from Robyn Collier's 2018 exhibition - 26cm x 29cm


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