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A friend once told me a quote from Oscar Wilde and it has remained with me over time. "To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim."

The apparent popularity current within artistic circles of one-off statements and idea grabs would seem to diminish the subtlety that this notion would engender.

Work executed freely and with clear focus expands, it becomes an open field of the imagination for artist and viewer alike.

When this is achieved the painting can be released from the cumbersome loading of overstatement.

A good painting to me is one you can spend time with and also return to again and again.

As Hamlet said - "The play's the thing"

I hope that may prove to be the case with this collection.

Graham Hallett

"Graham's work is developing a strange time-bending quality, somehow it sets up the life of future memories like some map written in invisible ink.
He gets to the destination before the viewer, but was never really there. In this way the viewer completes the work, albeit he has illuminated a memory of what is essentially unseen.
On previous occasions Graham referred to his poetry often "as being in the landscape" and an output that attracted terms like "a reverie, a jewell and the void" - the boundaries of these interpretations are being dissolved as he himself becomes these things that evolve, transmit and endure in his work."
Michael Mandelc - artist
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