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The Terrestrial series is inspired by the beauty of Earth and the fragility of our existnece upon it. The works are the culmination of Keith’s learned experience in glass, utlising difficult and experimental techniques that make each piece unique and unrepeatable.


Deep Forest

This newly released series is inspired by the local forests of the Australian Blue Mountains.



A design based on outback Australian landscape.



The basis of the Bushfire design comes from the 1993 bushfires in the Blue Mountains where ash and smoke enveloped my environment for weeks. The intensity of the fire was both destructive and beautiful and left an indelible impression upon my senses. The work itself is made using powdered glass and solid colour is trailed on to represent flames as they burst high above the surrounding landscape.


‘Murrine’ is one of the oldest decorative design techniques, well known in ancient Rome and revived in Venice in the 1880s. It is achieved by joining glass canes of various colours in the desired pattern. The canes are heated till they form a single bar, which is then sectioned to obtain small glass discs. The discs are laid out in a given pattern and melted together to form a flat sheet, then rolled up on the blowpipe to be shaped into the finished object.



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